FaceOff® takes customizable smell-proof bags into the style stratosphere, with a range of daring, detachable designs. Each pack offers trailblazing trendsetters the chance to regularly switch up their style, without compromising on advanced smell-proof technology.

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Faceoff® Key Features

YKK Double Zipper

Most of our SKUNK® bags come with Upgraded weather and water resistant, top of of the line YKK Zippers giving your bag the extra security it needs.

Removable Velcro/Clip Face Cover

Each Faceoff® face cover has a unique design that securely connects to your Faceoff® bag via velcro and clip attachments.

Secure Combo Lock

Included combo locks areas important added feature to our bags. All your valuables are kept safe with you in control of your belongings.

Top Hidden Zipper

This hidden pocket is located on top of your bag. The YKK zipper keeps everything secure and weather resistant. This feature is usually hidden under the face cover top flap.

Designed & Developed In Los Angeles, CA.

L.A’s innovation in smell proof bags & backpacks. Blending cutting-edge odorless tech with LA style. Protect in flair. Experience the future.

Designed & Developed In Los Angeles, CA.

Collaborating with SK9® Tech, the leaders in smell proof bags, instills confidence. For travel or daily use, our stylish smell-proof bags lock in odors. Choose innovation. Choose discretion. Choose Faceoff® with SK9® Premium Odorless Tech.

4.8 Average rating from happy customers

Upgraded YKK Double Zippers

All Faceoff® bags come with upgraded weather and water resistant, top of of the line, tough, double, long lasting YKK Zippers to give your bag the extra security it needs.

Faceoff® Product Warranty

We got your back! Every authentic Faceoff® product is backed by our comprehensive warranty, designed to provide you with peace of mind and confidence in your purchase.


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Attentive Customer Service

Our Faceoff® customer service team actively listens and promptly addresses your needs with care. Message us through our website message app for convenience 🙌.


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